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How to Add Zen Elements to Your Garden to Create Your Own Private Oasis at Home

Transforming your garden into a zen private oasis will take time and patience. It’s a lengthy project, one that requires the perfect elements to accomplish the kind of peace and calm you want your haven to exude.

In this article, you will learn how to add zen elements to your garden to create your own private oasis at home. Consider it a labor of love.

One that begins with paving the way, literally, to your oasis. You can use stone pavers to add walkways into and throughout your oasis. You can choose the perfect stone walkways from a beautiful collection, like Coralina Flagstone, Oolite Stone, and Hemingway Flagstone.

Section Your Garden into Multiple Gardens with Room Between for Walkways

You can have a zen oasis with multiple gardens. The walkways would divide the gardens, allowing you and guests to admire the flowers and plants on either side. You could have a classic garden towards the front of your oasis, perfect for vegetables and herbs.

Pond Anyone? Some Koi Would Look Beautiful in There

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An oasis, by definition, is a sitting area with a body of water at its center. Hire someone to dig your pond and fill it with your favorite pond fish. Koi fish are traditional in oasis settings, but you could also care for goldfish, sterlet fish, or golden tench.

Provide Yourself and Guests with Shaded Places to Rest and Relax

There’s something relaxing about sitting in a beautiful garden beneath a towering shade tree. While a stone bench is a classic oasis seat option, you could also opt for picnic benches to make it family-friendly and cozier.

You might find that building your private oasis is a project that never truly ends. Some people have zen gardens that act as legacies because that’s what friends and family remembered them working on. Hopefully, this article inspired your imagination in the creation of your own private outdoor oasis at home.