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4 Simple Ways to Find Hidden Leaks in Your House

Hidden leaks cost extra money on the water bill and cause a lack of water efficiency which the world simply cannot afford. If you suspect there is a leak in the house, you can use the tips below to find that leak and get a repair quickly. The longer you wait to call a plumber in Shreveport the worse the problem becomes -and more expensive the repair.

1- Water Bill

Most people recognize water problems because of an increasing cost in their water bill. If you notice the cost of monthly water usage rising over time, then a hidden leak is almost likely the culprit that is the cause of concern.

2- Read the Water Meter

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There is another effective way to determine if you have a hidden leak -check your water meter. To do this, turn off the water in the home. Then, check to see if the water meter changes. If it changes, chances are good that you have a leak.

3- Toilet Dye Test

Have you used the toilet dye test before? If so, it applies here. You can do this by dropping food coloring into the tank. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Come back and look. If you notice the water is blue or colored after 10 minutes has passed, you have a leak.

4- Go Look Outside

Sometimes it is the outside faucets that cause us concerns. Do not miss the chance to detect an outside leak and keep water bill costs low. Attach a garden hose, turn it on and look for leaks throughout the water hose.

Call a plumber for fast repairs if any of the strategies above suggest a leak in your house and the plumbing system. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.