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Tips For Maintaining Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a skill that many people enjoy doing in the spring and summer months. In some climates, you will even be able to do it all year round. In some yards, you will have to deal with native grasses in Texas. These grasses may make your landscaping projects a little more challenging, however, with some planning and creativity you can create an amazing yard.

Regardless of your grass you should never cut all the grass in one area at once as it will leave a lot of patches that don’t get sunlight and lighten up quickly. Instead, you want to strike an equilibrium between cutting and leaving some standing for natural growth because as soon as it does grow back, you can always cut it again for a better look.

Lawns should be cut as low as possible while maintaining the natural shape of your yard no matter what grass you have. If you don’t own a riding mower, then try to get someone else to do it or rent one from a local hardware store.

Flowers and plants are also going to be a major decision that you need to consider. Depending on the water levels you get from rain, the light that hits your yard and the overall look that you are trying to achieve will help guide you in this decision.

native grasses in Texas

You want to make sure that you always have enough water for your plants and flowers so plan ahead and use rain barrels in which you can save as much water as possible from the downpours.

For a more natural look, you should consider using rocks, logs and different shrubs. By adding these elements to your landscape, they will help break up the monotony of planted flowers and grasses. However, you should expect a long term commitment when you pick out this type of landscaping plan.