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How Bathtub Remodel Proceeds

In order for a bathtub to be remodeled, the bathtub does not need to be removed from its original position. The bathtub remodel proceeds there and then. It is usually a stripping process to begin with. Like stripping bare a huge chunk of wood. Like the wool being shorn of the lamb. The customer is usually given first option as to which new color he or she will be enjoying henceforth. But thankfully, they still stay with pearly white.

There is a good reason why that happens, actually.

bathtub remodel

After years of having viewed the pale, graying pallor, it becomes a welcome sight to behold. The old bath may be as old as the hills but is still strong enough to withstand a few more million baths over who knows how many more years. And that welcome sight to behold is the sight of the white. It looks brand new. And it feels brand new too, once you slip your bottom, arms and legs into the tub. You get to feel the smooth surface but without there being any risk of you slipping should you decide to lift yourself out of the bath.

Of course, the placement of a comfortable mat at the bottom of the bathtub now helps to serve two purposes. On the one hand there is the expected safety net when stepping onto the mat when entering the bathtub, and then stepping off it when leaving the tub. And on the other hand; perhaps this is something new for you, the mat provides a comfy seat on which tired old bottoms can be seated while master or madam enjoys his or her bath.

Bathtub bliss indeed, but don’t forget that the newly remodeled tub must still be cleaned after use.