Month: August 2021

Tips to Keep Aging Loved Ones Safe

Getting older brings with it wisdom and maturity, but has its drawbacks as health and capabilities also decline. We worry about those aging loved ones and their safety and well-being, especially when we cannot be with them every single moment of the day. If you want to ease your mind and ensure that your loved one is safe and secure, the following tips provide an excellent starting point.

Cell Phone

choose an independent living community

Everyone needs a cell phone in this day and age but many seniors do not like today’s smartphones because they are so complicated. Luckily, many cell phones designed especially for seniors and aging individuals are easy to use and ensure they can call someone in the event they need help.

Medical Alert Devices

A variety of medical alert devices are out there and help keep your loved one safe by notifying the right person in the event of an emergency. Bracelets are popular, but they’re just one of many available medical alert device options.

Upgrade Fixtures

Many age-approved fixtures and appliances are available for the home, including sinks, toilets, and bathtubs and showers. Add these items to the home to reduce the risk of slips and falls and other mishaps and add safety to the day.

Go Independent

With help from an independent living community, your aging loved one gets help they need and the ability to live on their own. It is far less demeaning than a nursing home and cheaper too. You want to choose an independent living community if your loved one needs a little less stress around the house.

Regular Visits

Visit your loved one as often as you can. These visits keep them mentally sound and safe and grant you a peace of mind that you will value.

Keep your loved one safe and secure at any age with the tips and ideas above.

4 Simple Ways to Find Hidden Leaks in Your House

Hidden leaks cost extra money on the water bill and cause a lack of water efficiency which the world simply cannot afford. If you suspect there is a leak in the house, you can use the tips below to find that leak and get a repair quickly. The longer you wait to call a plumber in Shreveport the worse the problem becomes -and more expensive the repair.

1- Water Bill

Most people recognize water problems because of an increasing cost in their water bill. If you notice the cost of monthly water usage rising over time, then a hidden leak is almost likely the culprit that is the cause of concern.

2- Read the Water Meter

plumber in Shreveport

There is another effective way to determine if you have a hidden leak -check your water meter. To do this, turn off the water in the home. Then, check to see if the water meter changes. If it changes, chances are good that you have a leak.

3- Toilet Dye Test

Have you used the toilet dye test before? If so, it applies here. You can do this by dropping food coloring into the tank. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Come back and look. If you notice the water is blue or colored after 10 minutes has passed, you have a leak.

4- Go Look Outside

Sometimes it is the outside faucets that cause us concerns. Do not miss the chance to detect an outside leak and keep water bill costs low. Attach a garden hose, turn it on and look for leaks throughout the water hose.

Call a plumber for fast repairs if any of the strategies above suggest a leak in your house and the plumbing system. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

How Bathtub Remodel Proceeds

In order for a bathtub to be remodeled, the bathtub does not need to be removed from its original position. The bathtub remodel proceeds there and then. It is usually a stripping process to begin with. Like stripping bare a huge chunk of wood. Like the wool being shorn of the lamb. The customer is usually given first option as to which new color he or she will be enjoying henceforth. But thankfully, they still stay with pearly white.

There is a good reason why that happens, actually.

bathtub remodel

After years of having viewed the pale, graying pallor, it becomes a welcome sight to behold. The old bath may be as old as the hills but is still strong enough to withstand a few more million baths over who knows how many more years. And that welcome sight to behold is the sight of the white. It looks brand new. And it feels brand new too, once you slip your bottom, arms and legs into the tub. You get to feel the smooth surface but without there being any risk of you slipping should you decide to lift yourself out of the bath.

Of course, the placement of a comfortable mat at the bottom of the bathtub now helps to serve two purposes. On the one hand there is the expected safety net when stepping onto the mat when entering the bathtub, and then stepping off it when leaving the tub. And on the other hand; perhaps this is something new for you, the mat provides a comfy seat on which tired old bottoms can be seated while master or madam enjoys his or her bath.

Bathtub bliss indeed, but don’t forget that the newly remodeled tub must still be cleaned after use.

What Should You Include in Your Outdoor Oasis?

Having an outdoor space that you feel good about and are able to enjoy is something that we all wish for. There’s so much that we want to be able to do and we may find that there are a lot of ways in which we may try to work with a company like Verdant landscape to make it a reality. Let’s start thinking about some of the things that you may want in your outdoor spaces.


Plants are definitely the beginning of your oasis. You want plants that are easy to care for, but that are going to bring life and color to the space that you have put together. Not only that, but plants are your centerpiece. They are going to be what draw people’s attention.

Verdant landscape

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is surging in popularity, and with good reason. People love grilling and cooking outside and having a space where you’re able to do that is really a helpful thing. You can use your outdoor kitchen in a lot of ways and you’re going to be able to design it exactly how you would like it to look.

Gazebos or Other Sitting Areas

Gazebos are lovely places where you can sit and hang out with your friends and family whenever you get a chance. Whether you decide to just do a patio with a fire pit or you go the whole nine yards, it’s never a bad idea for you to go ahead and invest some money into a sitting area.

If you are looking for options and you aren’t sure how to do it on your own, you may be looking to connect with professionals and see what is going to be best for your purposes. Find the right pros and make a great outdoor living space.

How To Protect Yourself From Viruses

There is nothing worse than feeling on top of the world one minute and then falling flat on your back hoping you don’t die the next. For many people, we generally have a natural immunity to many of the viruses and germs that exist in our world. However, there are going to be times when something comes along and knocks us on our butts.

In order to protect ourselves we need to take some precautions. One of the ways to protect the majority of people at once is to use an air purifier. When looking at air purifiers you want to find the best air purifier for viruses.

What is an air purifier?

The air purifier is used to clean the air of any germs and viruses that may be in the air. The reason you need an air purifier is so your body doesn’t have to work as hard on its own to fight off whatever ails you.

What does an air purifier do?

There are two different kinds of air purifiers. The first one you can use to clean the air of any large particles like viruses and germs or other allergens that may be in the air. The second is for small particles like smoke or pollen.

How do you choose your purifier?

When choosing an air purifier you want to find one that can handle the size of your home and any other rooms in it like a family room, den, or another place where people spend quite a bit of time. You also need to figure out what kind of air purifier is the best air purifier for viruses. You also may want to check into HEPA filters and an air purifier with titanium because they can help protect your health.

What is a HEPA filter?

best air purifier for viruses

A HEPA filter works to remove any small particles in the air that could damage your lungs or cause illness. These are the best types of filters on the market since they catch the majority of particles that could make us sick.

When looking at air purifiers you want to really do your research. Determine your health risks and the risks of those around you. For most people a standard air purifier will do the trick, but weigh your options before buying.

Tips For Maintaining Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a skill that many people enjoy doing in the spring and summer months. In some climates, you will even be able to do it all year round. In some yards, you will have to deal with native grasses in Texas. These grasses may make your landscaping projects a little more challenging, however, with some planning and creativity you can create an amazing yard.

Regardless of your grass you should never cut all the grass in one area at once as it will leave a lot of patches that don’t get sunlight and lighten up quickly. Instead, you want to strike an equilibrium between cutting and leaving some standing for natural growth because as soon as it does grow back, you can always cut it again for a better look.

Lawns should be cut as low as possible while maintaining the natural shape of your yard no matter what grass you have. If you don’t own a riding mower, then try to get someone else to do it or rent one from a local hardware store.

Flowers and plants are also going to be a major decision that you need to consider. Depending on the water levels you get from rain, the light that hits your yard and the overall look that you are trying to achieve will help guide you in this decision.

native grasses in Texas

You want to make sure that you always have enough water for your plants and flowers so plan ahead and use rain barrels in which you can save as much water as possible from the downpours.

For a more natural look, you should consider using rocks, logs and different shrubs. By adding these elements to your landscape, they will help break up the monotony of planted flowers and grasses. However, you should expect a long term commitment when you pick out this type of landscaping plan.