History of the GTR

Looking back, Nissan’s been developing the GTR line for more than 2 decades. What started as a Japanese sports car niche – including their mountain street racing culture has transcended their nation and become a front line contender in the auto sports world. known for 4WD traction and superb grip, skilled racers succeeded in drifting the car through tight corners to achieve unprecedented speed and lap times. I personally don’t think drivers in Europe and the western world has fully grasped the delicate art of drifting and see it only as a flash show. Nope, I experienced it first hand how fast a full speed drift can be at clearing corners. But that is not the point of this post. So Without further ado, let’s get into the 3 most recognized and highly regarded models in the Skyline family over these 2 decades.

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One Auto-Blogger’s Opinion on Limousines

I usually get asked the question about performance vehicles vs luxury cars. I learn towards performance because it just feels amazing driving fast on highways and being in control of your car. The exhilarating rush is priceless. On the other side, I can also appreciate sitting back and relaxing in a luxury ride. And of course, the pinnacle of relaxing rides have to be limousines. There are several fabulous Vancouver limo service companies offering quality vehicles and professional chauffeurs. Some even claim to have the best limo Vancouver has to offer. Do I think limo services are worthwhile or a total waste of money?

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Driving Simulators vs Real Life

Driving simulating games are plenty in this digital age. One the comes to mind is the Playstation game Gran Turismo 6. But how does it compare to real life driving? It’s been a topic of discussion on BBC hit Top Gear and from their analysis it was not a bad approximation at all. Not exact of course, but some things the game does really mimics real life driving.
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Welcome GTR Enthusiasts

“Can you keep up with my R”? – Nakazato Takeshi

Behold Japan’s favourite super car the Nissan Skyline GTR. I was inspired to own this amazing vehicle after reading the Japanese street racing manga Initial D. For those familiar with the story you would also recognize that my screen handle is borrowed from the GTR driving character. To me, the GTR just checks all the boxes on my list and is my favourite car.

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